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HAMLET, HAMBLET, OR HAMBLETT of Middlesex County, MA, and Hillsborough County, NH, 1634-1746


William (1) and Sarah (Ives) [Hubbard] Hamlet of Middlesex County, Massachusetts


Jacob (2) and            1st Hannah (Parker)

                                     2nd Mary (Dutton)

                                     3rd Mary (Adford) ((Jaquith))


Joseph (3) and Susanna (Cutler)

Biographical Summary of William and Sarah (Ives) Hamblet of Middlesex County, Massachusetts


William Hamlet born 1613.  (Ref. 1)


William Hamlet listed as inhabitant of Watertown, MA, in 1634.           (Ref. 2)


William Hamlet born 1613 in England.  Listed in Watertown a/o Cambridge 1634-1660; Billerica 1660-1670; Woburn 1670-1696.  Carpenter.  Admitted Freeman 1651.  In Watertown a/o Cambridge had house and barn and 10 acres of land.   (Ref. 3 thru 6)


Records of the Church of Cambridge listing members registered in 1658 include:

    “William Hamlet and Sarah his wife, both members in full communion.

       Their children: Jacob and Rebecca, both borne and baptized in this Church.

Also the Said Sarah had by a former Husband ------Hubbard, children viz:

       James Hubbard

       Sarah Hubbard now Champney admitted into full communion.

       Thomas Hubbard now Joyned to ye Church at Wethersfield.”         (Ref. 7)


William Hamlet received a grant of a single share in Billerica in 1656.  Houselot was 56 acres at Bare Hill.  He was one of the early Baptists.  In 1679 he exchanged with Caleb Farley of Woburn and moved to that town.  Married Sarah Hubbard who died 18 Jan. 1689 aet. c.90. Daugher, Rebecca, married James Frost.           (Ref. 8)


1679:  William and Sarah Hamlett of Billerica, for about 45 acres of land which had been granted to him by the town of Billerica containing one dwelling house and old barn excepting what Hamlett had granted and sold to his son, James Frost, exchanged with Caleb Farley of Woburn 50 or 60 acres of land together with buildings and culture thereupon.  (Ref. 9)


1686:  William Hamblett now of Woburn, Carpenter, sold to James Convers 49 acres in Woburn on Horn pond formerly purchased by Wm. H. from Caleb Farley of Billerica.  Convers as part of exchange transferred to Wm. H. 26 acres of upland and meadowland in Woburn adjoining land of Thomas Laird, and also about 90 acres of upland and meadowland on Lubbers Brook.


1696:  William Hamlett of Oburn, Carpenter, sold to John Watson of Cambridge, Husbandman, 32 acres of land in Oburn near Lubbers Brook.           (Idem)

Sarah Ives born c.1599, dau. Of John and Ann Ives of England.

Sarah m., 1st, England, c.1630, James Hubbard, b. Suffolk County, England, c. 1609; d. Watertown, MA, 1638 aet 30, son of James and Naomi (Cocke) Hubbard.  James and Sarah sailed from London, 1635, on Barque Matheu, and, with two of their children settled in Watertown, where their third child was born.


Hubbard Children:  James, Sarah, and Thomas:

James, b. England, 1631; m. 1st 1659, Sarah Winship who d. 1665 following births of Sarah (who m. Nicholas Bowes) and Mary (who m. Jason Russell).

2nd 1668 Hannah Ives, a “tender and loving” step-mother to Sarah and Mary.

Sarah, b. England; m. Billerica, MA, 1657, Samuel Champney; 8 children.

Thomas, b. 1638, Watertown, MA; joined church in Wethersfield; m. Oct. 1662 Elizabeth Huit and he d. the following month, Nov. 1662.             (Refs. 4, 10, 11)

Sarah Ives m. 2nd, sometime after 1638, William Hamlet.  She d.1689, aet.ca.90 1658 Membership in Cambridge Church is recorded with that of Hamlet family.            (Ref. 7,12)

Hamlet Children:  Jacob and Rebecca, b. after 1638:

Jacob, d. 1702

Rebecca; m. 7 Dec. 1664 James Frost, of Billerica, son of Edmund and Thomasine Frost.

They had James, Jr., who although his mother, Rebecca, died the following month, survived and had descendants.  His father m. 2nd Elizabeth Foster and had other children. (Refs. 7, 13, 14)

Additional Biography:

In the 1630s and '40s references place Wm. H.'s residence in Watertown, and in the 1650s in Cambridge.  This may not mean he moved.  In First Inventory of Grants and Possessions in Watertown his “homestall” is listed in this town, with the Cambridge line as the northeast boundary. (Ref. 2)  Later (Nov. 1660) he and Sarah sold land and buildings in Cambridge with the Watertown line on the south.  Among boundary changes involving these towns, two, in 1654 and '55, occurred with the annexations of Watertown land to Cambridge, the line separating them being carried about a half mile westward.  (Ref. 15, p.4)  Hamlet property in this annexed land would now be listed in Cambridge.

When Wm. H. became a Freeman in 1651, requirements included membership in the Church in Cambridge, for which the Rev. Thomas Shepard had been the Minister (1635 to 1649).  Church membership required a “Confession of Faith.”  Mr. Shepard recorded 50 Confessions in his own peculiar handwriting and thewse have been made legible, edited, and published. (Ref. 16)  William's Confession (No. 27), four pages long, refers to his having been in London, and, like the pattern of other testimonies, describes a course away from erroneous ways toward Christianity via friends, clergy, and The Bible.  The Confessions would have been made before 1649, the date of Shepard's death, so Wm.'s would apply to the period of his life in England and early existence in New England.

The Editors (G. Selement and B.C. Wooley) of Confessions include in the preface to Wm.'s that he “seems to have been of barely average position in the community, being granted only 60 acres at Shawshine” and “--the townspeople placed him in charge of the cow common and ---appointed him to supervise the cutting of trees.”

Shepard's successor, the Rev. Jonathan Mitchell, minister from 1650 till his death in 1668, “compiled an account of the Church of Christ at Cambridge, --in which he rescued many interesting facts from oblivion.” (Ref. 15, p.261)  In this manuscript account (Ref. 7) Mitchell recorded the names of members in “full Communion” in 1658.  However oblivious to other details, Mitchell has provided vital information of the Hamlet Family in recording that Wm. married Sarah and there were the 3 Hubbard and 2 Hamlet children.

In Billerica, grants of land made by the town after 1660 added acreage to the inhabitants' holdings, including William's.  In 1661 Willi Hamlitt became “Clark to ye company,” i.e. Clerk of the Trayne Band, a military unit.  In 1661 Willm Hamblet participated in the accounting involved in building a meeting house.  In 1664 his name is included in a testament of support for King Charles II.  1662-1664 Wm. listed among Selectmen.  (Ref. 8)

Hazen refers to “William Hamlet at least and probably George Farley” as Baptists in Billerica at an early day and cites a letter from Hamlet relating early troubles “published” by Backus, the Baptist historian.  (Ref. 8, p.269)  Sewell provides the text of the 1672 letter.  (Ref. 17, p.158)  Backus (Ref. 18, vol. 1, p. 310) includes this with the following: “I percieve you have heard as if our brother Russell had died in prison.  Through grace he is yet in the land of the living, and out of prison bonds; but is in a doubtful way as to recovery of his outward health; but we ought to be quiet in the good will and pleasure of our God, who is only wise.  I remain your loving brother, William Hamlit  Boston, 14, of the 4th month, 1672.”

Mr. Hamlit wrote on June 19, 1673, that the Baptists were still persecuted for their withdrawing from the public meetings, and said:  “Brother Trumbel and brother Osburne were fined last Court at Charlestown, twenty shillings apiece; they have appealed to the Court of assistants.”

Further:  Mr. Billingham dying, and Mr. Leverett being chosed Governor, ---things took another turn, so that Mr. Hamlet wrote to his brother Hubbard, on Jan. 9, 1674, and said, “Brother Drinker hath been very sick near unto death, but the Lord hath restored him to health again.  The church of the baptized do peaceably enjoy their liberty.  Brother Russell, the elder and the younger, have good remembrance of you.”

The first Baptist Church in Boston was constituted in 1665.  William Hamlit's membership was recorded soon after 1669.  Idem.

1685:  In testimony of Wm. Hamlet of Billerica about illness of Simon Crosby, rrecorded under “Military” in the MA State House Archives, Wm. Was observed to be “aged about 60 or thereabout.”

Proposed Chronology:

Births:  Wm. 1613; Sarah c.1599
Arrival in New England:  William c.1634; (age c.20); Sarah 1635; (age c.36)
James Hubbard died Watertown 1638 aet.30
Wm. (c.26 yrs.) and Sarah (c.40 yrs) married c.1640
Residence:  Watertown and, after boundary changes, in same home now listed in Cambridge.
           Billerica  1660-1679
           Woburn  1679-1689 when Sarah died; Wm. alone till after 1696 (date of last deed).




Jacob (2) Hamblet  b. Cambridge, MA, c. 1640-'45; d. 20 Jan. 1702.  (Ref. 5,7,17,26,27)

1st, Billerica, MA, 22 July 1668 Hannah Parker of Chelmsford who d. 26 June 1669 “in ye time of her travaile not delivered.”               (Ref. 8)

2nd, Billerica, 21 Dec. 1669 Mary Dutton, b. 14 Sept. 1651, dau. Of Thomas and Susannah Dutton of Billerica; d. 9 July 1678 of smallpox.           (Idem)

3rd, Woburn, MA, -- ---- 1679 Mary Adford, dau. of Henry and Temsen (Manson) Adford of Scituate, MA, and widow of Abraham Jaquith of Woburn.  Her children by Abraham Jaquith (who d. 14 Apr. 1679 aet. 35 of wounds in King Philip's War) were Abraham, Elizabeth, who m. John Durrant, and Sarah, who m. his brother, Thomas Durrant (the Sarah and Thomas who were parents of Susannah Durrant who m. Joseph (4) Hamblet).           (Ref. 19)

ch. b. in Billerica by 2nd wife, Mary Dutton:

           Mary (3) b. 31 Nov. 1670; d. 7 Jan. 1753
           Sarah (3) b. 18 Mar. 1672
           Hannah (3) b. 14 Dec. 1673; m. 11 Dec. 1699 Isaac Wedge b. 1672, son of Thomas and Deborah (Stevens) Wedge of Sudbury, MA.    (Ref. 20)
           Rebecca (3) b. -- Mar. 1676
           William (3) b. 16 Dec. 1677; d. 23 Dec. 1677
ch. b. in Woburn by 3rd wife, Mary (Adford) Jaquith
           Jacob (3) b. 1 Aug. 1680; d. 8 Aug. 1680
           Joseph (3) b. 31 Aug. 1681; m. 14 Apr. 1707 Susannah Cutler
           William (3) b. 8 Sept. 1683; m. 8 Dec. 1720 Rebecca Butters, b. 30 Aug. 1698, dau. of William and Rebecca Butter of Woburn.  Their children were Rebecca (4) who m. 27 Aug. 1746 Joshua Simonds of Woburn, and William (4) who died 25 June 1743 in his 20th year.  William (3) appears to have died about 1722-'24 and his widow, Rebecca Butter, to have m. 2nd 2 March 1725 Joseph Dana (who m. 2nd Mary (Fulham) Moore following 28 Dec. 1730 death of wife #1, Rebecca).                (Ref. 17,22,23)
           Jacob (3) b. 4 Jan 1686, may have had a wife, Mary ----- and a son Jacob (4) who d. 6 Dec. 1741 in Wilmington.
           Henry (3) b. and d. 6 Feb. 1688
           Abigail (3) b. 25 March 1689; d. 23 Oct. 1755; m. -- ----1716 James Thompson, son of James and ------Thompson of Wilmington, MA; 8 Thompson children.  (Ref. 24)


Jacob (2) is mentioned in 1675 when Massachusetts villages were being threatened by Indian attack and precautions were being taken in Billerica.  In deeds dated 1694 he is referred to as a Yeoman, and as a husbandman of Woburn.               (Ref. 9)

Family Records, _________, NH., 1713-1865 +


John Butler b.1706, d. 25 April 1795 in 89th year of his life

_______, d. 14 Dec. 1813

Joseph (3) {Jacob(2), William(1)}


Joseph (3) Hamblet b. Woburn, MA, 31 Aug. 1681, d.-- --- ----.

Charlestown, MA, 14 Apr. 1707 Susanna Cutler, b. 8 Nov. 1687, dau. of John and Susanna (Baker) Cutler of Woburn.                   (Ref. 21)

ch. b. in Woburn, MA:


           Joseph (4) b. 5 July 1708, m. 1 May 1735 Susanna Durrant, dau. Of Thomas and Sarah (Jaquith) Durrant of Woburn.

           John (4) b. 17 Mar. 1710, d. 7 Feb. 1777: m. 29 Oct. 1735 Phebe Baldwin b. -- ---- 1708, d. 5 Oct 1775, dau. of Daniel and Hannah (Richardson) Baldwin of Woburn. John and Phebe appear to have had no ch.  Guardianship was granted to John Hamblet, of Pelham, Cooper, 28 Mar. 1764, of his nephew, Isaac Merrill, less than 14 years, son of Samuel and Susanna (Hamblet) Merrill.                                (Ref. 30, 31)

           Susanna (4) b. 26 Apr. 1712; m., as his 2nd wife, 5 Mar. 1752 Samuel, son of Abel and Abigail (Stevens) Merrill of Newbury, MA  (There were 9 ch. by first wife, Ruth Morse, and 1 son, Isaac, b. 20 Aug 1754 by Susanna Hamblet.)                 (Ref. 31)

           Mary (4) b. 16 June 1714; m. as his first wife ca 1735, John, b. 22 June 1706, d. 25 April 1795, son of John and Elizabeth (---------) Butler of Woburn.  6 Butler ch. By 1st wife, Mary Hamblet, and 2 ch. By 2nd wife Ruth Wyman.                   (Ref. 32)


           Anna (4) b. 11 Nov. 1716; m., as his 2nd wife, 7 Jan. 1762 James Sherburne, Jr., b. -- ---- 1714, of Pelham, NH. ch. 0


           William (4) b. 30 Aug. 1718


           Hezekiah (4) b. 31 Aug. 1720; m. 26 Apr. 1744 Mehitable b. 1 Oct. 1724, dau. Of Samuel and Rachel (Robinson) Greeley of Haverhill, MA.    (Ref. 34)


ch. born in eastern part of old Dunstable which later became part of Pelham, NH:               (Ref. 28, 29)


           Josiah (4) b. 20 Mar. 1723: m. 1st 26 Jan. 1750 Phebe Kimball b.c.1723 (d. 18 July 1759 aet. 31)           m. 2nd int 7 Apr. 1760 Sarah b. 9 Nov. 1724, dau. Of John and Elizabeth Butler of Woburn, and widow of 1st husband, Jonathan Morgan.                   (Ref. 32)


           Joshua (4) b. 27 Jan. 1725; m. 19 Feb. 1756 Lydia b. ca 1729, dau. Of Nathaniel and Elinor (Coburn) Clement of Pelham.                   (Ref. 35)

           Sary (4) b. 16 Mar. 1727; m. 5 Dec. 1747 Samuel Jewett, Jr.           (Ref. 36)


           Rebaker (4) b. 21 July 1729; m. 8 Aug. 1748 Henry, b. -- ---- 1726, son of Stephen and Sarah (Hale) Chase of Newbury, MA and Nottingham West, NH.  (Brother of Moses who m. Elizabeth (5) Hamblet)


           Reuben (4) b. 11 Oct. 1732; of Chelmsford; m. 8 Nov. 1759 Deborah Austin of Methuen.                            (Ref. 41)

NB:  In the Hudson “Births, Marriages and Deaths” compiled by Kimball Webster in the Hudson Town Clerk's Office Reuben is listed as the first child of Joseph (4) and Susanna (Durant) Hamblet.  That Joseph (4) and Susanna were his parents is questioned because their marriage is recorded as over two years later. Placing him as above is an arbitrary decision, and his true parentage needs better substantiation.


Joseph (3) Hamblet, Husbandman, in 1721, sold his 60-acre homestead with house and barn thereon to his half-brother, Abraham Jaquith.  This land lay adjacent to Jaquith's, next to the Billerica town line, in a part of Woburn that subsequently became Wilmington.  In this year, 1721, he bought from John Butler, also of Woburn, for 80 pounds the moiety or half of the tract which Butler had purchased from Col. Jonathan Tyng a few weeks earlier.  “In 1721 or 1722, John Butler and Joseph Hamblet bought land two miles west of the (Pelham) Center --- on the Mammouth Road.  They cleared land, sowed grain and went back to Woburn for the winter, and returned in the spring with their families.”  It is supposed that Joseph had a mill at the outlet of Gumpus Pond nearby.           (Ref. 42)


John Butler married Joseph's sister, Mary (4) in 1735, as recorded above.


The supposed site of the Butler-Hamblet homestead(s) was on the SE corner of the intersection of Mammoth Road with the road from Pelham Center that continued west between Gumpus Pond and Jeremy Hill.  It was in the eastern extremity of old Dunstable close to the boundary of Dracut District.


In 1732 under Massachusetts authority Dunstable territory east of the Merrimac River was incorporated as Nottingham.  At Nottingham's first town meeting in 1733 Joseph (4) was elected one of the Selectmen.  The Congregational Church was built and the Rev. Nathaniel Merrill became its minister.  The birth and marriage records he maintained from 1738 to 1795 are valuable additions to civil records.  In 1741, the boundary between Massachusetts and New Hampshire was established, and in 1746, now under New Hampshire authority, the part of Nottingham north of the boundary was incorporated as Nottingham West, to distinguish it from another Nottingham in NH, and also in 1746 Pelham was incorporated, much of it the former district of Dracut, and a strip was added to it from the eastern extremity of Nottingham West which comained the Hamblet property.  At Pelham's first town meeting in 1746 Joseph (4) again became a Selectman.              (Ref. 40)


Land south of the western part of Nottingham West became Tyngsborough in 1809.  The name of Nottingham West became Hudson in 1830.


Tyngsborough was incorporated as a town in 1809.



Joseph (4)  {(Joseph(3), Jacob(2), Wm.(1)}


Joseph (4) Hamblet, Jr., b. Woburn, MA, 5 July 1708; d. 1774 or soon after; m. 1 May 1735 Susanna, b. 18 Aug 1707, dau. of Thomas and Sarah (Jaquith) Durrant of Woburn.                   (Ref, 8, 19)

ch., 1st 5 b. between 1736 and 1745 in eastern part of Nottingham which became Pelham in 1746.  Hence Sarah, c. 6, b. in Pelham.

Susanna (5) b. 13 May 1736; d. 27 Dec. 1808; m. 1st 20 Apr. 1758 Ezekiel Chase, Jr., of Nottingham West; m. 2nd 23 June 1772 Ebenezer French of Dunstable.           (Ref. 37)

Elizabeth (5) b. 13 March 1738; m. 1st 2 Mar. 1759 Moses Chase of Nottingham West; m. 2nd Thomas Barney of Washington, NH; m. 3rd ---Dakin.           (Idem.)

Thomas (5) b. 1 Dec. 1740; m. 1st Martha Chase, b. 1744, d. 2 July 1767, dau. of Dr. Ezekiel and his 1st wife, Priscilla (Merrill) Chase; m. 2nd 25 Nov. 1773 Elizabeth Durant of Pelham.                   (Idem.)

Joseph (5) b. 5 Apr. 1743; m. int 10 Oct. 1767 Dorcas, dau. of Joseph and ----Snow of Dunstable.                      (Ref. 38)

John (5) b. 14 Aug. 1745; m. 13 Feb. 1772 Elizabeth, b. 10 Jan. 1753, d. 3 July 1826, dau. of Jonathan and Judith (Wyman) Perham of Dunstable.               (Ref. 39)

Sarah (5) b. 23 March 1747; m. 20 Apr. 1769 Levi Dakin of Nottingham West.

Joseph (4) was about 13 years old in 1722 when his father, Joseph (3), moved with his family to Mammouth Road in old Dunstable.  Sometime after 1750 Joseph (4) settled in Dracut, MA, where he had a homestead farm of 3 acres on the east side of Beaver Brook with house, barn, grist mill and saw mill.  In 1773 he and Susanna transferred these to their son John (5), reserving the right to use the dwelling house.


The objective of the Biographical Summary is to list the most reliable data pertaining to these immigrant forebears from the references to them, without editorialization of their authors or myself.  Abbreviations and changes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation were necessary for brevity and clarity.

Ref. 1:  Register in St. Olave's Church on Hart Street, London, Middlesex County, England, copied through courtesy of the Rev. Kevin Jarvis, Rector (in 1992 by JBH):

Christening of children of Jeffrey Hamlet:

           Jeffrey Hamlett, 14 Sept. 1606
           Bryan Hamlett, 18 Sept. 1608
           William Hamlett, 3 Feb. 1611
           William Hamlett, 30 May 1613

(I've found no other William Hamlet in the IGI listing of births in the other counties of England in the first quarter of the 17th Century.)  The Guildhall Library in its microfilm section, and the 1916 Harlean Society Publications (Vol. HS46), have the burials recorded of these children of Jeffrie Hamlet:

           Brian, 28 Aug. 1609
           Hannah, 11 Nov. 1609
           William, 1 Aug. 1612

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DIED JANUARY 18 1688-9

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                                                       John B. Hamblet

Hamblet family

References to Jacob(2), Joseph(3), and Joseph(4)

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